Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to play soccer

1. You are not aloud to touch the ball

2. Only one person in your team can touch the ball and that is the goalie. 

3. No pushing or kicking each others.

4. You have to try and score a goal.

5. You have to throw it in not kick it in.

6. The goal keeper can not pick the ball up out side of the box.

7.Have fun and try not to cheat.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Haunted House

crack the door waved open.I walked down the wooden stairs as I walked screeching noises haunted the house.Doors slamming floor boards Snaping. The mossy planks with rusty nails sticking out of the boards. Old flies that have rotted seeing some old washing on the floor heading up the stairs smelling the rotten rats in the master bedroom blood tails into the kids room seeing the scary monster not long ahead smelling the hot soup running out the door seeing lot of other monsters  getting picked up feeling slime running down my neck as I am being droped into a hole ...

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The icy cold river

wading down into the icy cold river. hearing my my friend saying come on you are just about over the other side. Im there where are they under that bush !!WHERE!!.looking under the fern seeing no sign of the ducklings where could they be i said to my self. maybe they traveled down the river. Pain struck my head like a lightening bolt motoring back over the river. Better luck next time. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

burning rubber

Burning rubber

line up bellowed in a deep roar.
 My stomach was tided in a bow. Seeing my  pray.
As he lay his wrinkly lips on the whistle as he blew up his stomach.
Working my way around the first cone. 
Slowly chugging along seeing the grass brushing along my rough feet trying to brake my pray as he was looking happy, seeing Mr Webb saying ''come on''.
 Mr Webb says ''Rico and Jos are going to catch you dogging around the tyres as seeing the golden dirt knowing that i was there. Running up the straight like a Praymantis.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lock him in

Seeing the rusty gate!! BANG!! I hear a radio. Walking into the house and seeing Austin hiding in the corner of the couch. Shaking like he was in the house of doom. But he jumps up to say hello in a deep dark voice. I smell the dusty room and see cobwebs and 1000's of tiny bit and pieces on the floor. Getting dragged into both of the rooms by Austin and Nate. It feels like my bones were breaking. I hear them saying "Finn, Finn!" and they are both fighting over me. Lunchtime, smelling bacon and egg pie. Yum my favourite. The smell of ham, cheese and plump tomatoes.  "Let's fight"yells Austin. I yelp in reply. Fingers poke into my eyes like pins going into cotton. My eyes burn! Help I cry!