Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lock him in

Seeing the rusty gate!! BANG!! I hear a radio. Walking into the house and seeing Austin hiding in the corner of the couch. Shaking like he was in the house of doom. But he jumps up to say hello in a deep dark voice. I smell the dusty room and see cobwebs and 1000's of tiny bit and pieces on the floor. Getting dragged into both of the rooms by Austin and Nate. It feels like my bones were breaking. I hear them saying "Finn, Finn!" and they are both fighting over me. Lunchtime, smelling bacon and egg pie. Yum my favourite. The smell of ham, cheese and plump tomatoes.  "Let's fight"yells Austin. I yelp in reply. Fingers poke into my eyes like pins going into cotton. My eyes burn! Help I cry!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Finn, is that me in your story?? Love you Finn, Goodbye Finn. From Austin